View all commits a line has been changed in

Issue #6094 wontfix
Tõnis Pool
created an issue

Currently the blame button only annotates lines with the latest changeset info where it was changed. But often enough I find that I want to browse the evolution of some line and thus am forced to manually go back in time through commits pressing blame again and again.

It would be nice if by some means I could quickly view all the commits some particular line was changed in and browse into them.

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  1. Neeme Praks


    It would be useful to have this also in Mercurial command line - just couple of weeks ago I needed the same functionality.

    On command line, I can use "hg annotate -u" (see also) but it has the same limitation.

    So, feel free to add it also to Mercurial issue tracker ;)

  2. Jonathan Mooring staff

    I'm reluctantly marking this issue as wontfix. I think this feature would be absolutely killer, but near impossible to reliably implement.

    Here's an interesting discussion on StackOverflow about the same thing: It's easy to blame lines for a specific revision, but to then try to follow the history of that line while also following any line insertions and deletions that may have occurred that would shift the location of the line that you're following just wouldn't be feasible.

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