UI support to edit any file, resulting in a fork

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Yarko Tymciurak created an issue

(This was a comment on #2380, but seems like - though related - is a UI and general process issue)

Here is a concrete example of a useful community process hook, by way of a specific example from a UI element from github.com, and how it is being used.

In my context, people would prefer to use hg to git, and the generality of this seems so broad that I bring it to your attention.

The feature is "Edit" button / option when viewing any file of any arbitrary repository. The action of that "Edit" button would be "fork this repository", so that you instantiate a fork-followed-by-edit on your fork.

To see how this is useful, have a look, for example, at the following document from UMich:


Note the yellow "edit this document" in the lower right. Click, and follow the top link (to the source for that particular page; works with any arbitrary page, linking back to the correct source page in the repository);

NOTE: github.com has a UI element "Edit" - hover over it.

NOW: Forking is up to the user who would like to make an edit / correction. If a user doesn't have a bitbucket account, a path to creating one would be provided.

This has the effect of facilitating a process, and encouraging community participation.

I think this general "EDIT" on any given file, with such an associated action path would be most useful.


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  1. Yarko Tymciurak reporter
    • changed status to open

    Yeah - #2796 is related, but not duplicate. That issue is about allowing editing files online for existing repo owners;

    6095 is about adding an "EDIT" ui element to any file on any visible repository, as a mechanism to facilitate a process, encourage community participation and contributions. #6095 is about facilitating editing anyone's files in an orderly, encouraging way by:

    • adding an EDIT UI element to all file views;
    • automatically fork a project when you try to edit a project you don't own / have permissions to,
    • take you to directly to edit of your own, forked copy of said file,
    • so you can commit and make a pull request.

    This change request facilitates a way to encourage community participation in one's project.

    Yes - #2796 is a sort of prerequisite (although not strictly so) of #6095, however, it is not a duplicate (by any stretch) of this. If anything, #2796 could be incorporated as one part of #6095.

  2. Yarko Tymciurak reporter

    An alternate example (alternate link / behavior to edit) can be seen by following the "edit on github" link on the right of this URL:


    In each case, the link to the repository is to an edit function... so perhaps this is a duplicate of #2796, under the covers.

    The important thing is not only providing the "edit online" interface / URI, but the auto-forking behavior (in either case).

  3. Jonathan Mooring

    Thanks for the follow up. Your suggestions for the feature are certainly much more in-depth than #2796, but in the interest of keeping our public tracker tidy, I'd like #2796 to be the central issue for the feature. Rest assured that if and when we implement this feature, we plan to take an approach similar to the one that you've described in this ticket.


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