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I've been a bitbucket user for about a year, switch over from github. One thing that has always bothered me about your service(and one of the very few I might add) is the access management -> user/email address auto complete. It's very difficult to find the user because often I know the first name last name but not the actual username. Typing in the users F L name does not auto complete the user correct or even come close. This makes it difficult to add users to the repo access.

Personally I think the autocomplete should provide a dropdown of all users that are currently have access to any of your repos. First Name/Last name search also needs to improve. Or maybe just a page with a list of users along with their username for the account? IDK, but I do know what you've got there doesn't work too well.

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  1. Jonathan Mooring staff

    Hey Michael, I'm having trouble reproducing the problems that you outline in this email. I just did a quick test and I was able to accurately find users by first and last name, both in and outside of the teams that I am a member of.

    While we recommend using a unique value, such as username or email address, when adding users to your repositories, first + last name still appears to be a viable option. Keep in mind that if you're working with the same group of people on a regular basis, adding them to a group is the quickest and easiest way to grant them access to your repositories.


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