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It would be much appreciated if the wiki css could be customized. Specifically, indenting code blocks and not highlighting inline code would be a customization that I would like, but that other users might not. Allowing repository owners to modify this value would make it easier for wikis to be customized.

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  1. Jonathan Mooring staff

    In order to provide a consistent experience to all Bitbucket users, we do not currently allow any custom HTML, CSS, or JavaScript. If there is something in particular with the display of wikis that you feel is wrong, please feel free to submit a separate bug report.


  2. Lee Conlin

    I too would like this ability. On my wiki I find that the spacing between list items is too great for example... as is the spacing between paragraphs. Vertical spacing in general seems to be an issue.

  3. Frédéric Delorme

    I'd like to add chapter (H1,H2, etc...) auto-numbering with CSS capabilities, and image resizing in textile mode (in fact CSS attributes can be set through css, like in the sample bellow:

    p=. !{width:560px;box-shadow:4px 4px 8px #333;}/my/path/to/image.png(alternative text/title text)!


    p=. declare a centered paragraph, containing an image (image.png) which is css resized to 560px in width and decorated with a css box-shadow.

    And sadely, thoose textile options are not activated ... :(

    How can easily I set image resizing at display time ?

  4. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Frederic,

    Unfortunately, we do not allow style attributes in our textile markup. The way textile is written at the moment, allowing style attributes also allows raw HTML. So for security reasons we are not able to turn this feature on.

    Cheers, Brian

  5. Roy Truelove

    +1 on this, but primarily because the default wiki styling is (IMO) difficult to read. As a start I find that the difference between header sizes is not enough to adequately differentiate them. If the resultant wiki was easier to read I wouldn't have the need for custom css.

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