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Issue #611 resolved

Please make menus stay open momentarily if I mouse off (BB-688)

Benjamin Pollack
created an issue

Right now, if I mouse over a drop-down (say, "tags" or "branches" in a repository, or the "Repositories" drop-down at the top), and I accidentally mouse out while trying to pick (because, e.g., I'm going for the last item in the menu, and accidentally overshoot slightly), it collapses back immediately. I then have to reopen the menu and try again, this time being more careful to keep my mouse in the box.

It'd be nice if, like Mac and Windows menus, you gave me a moment to get back into the menu, specifically to cover cases like this where I'm just a little too quick with my mouse.

I think I already requested this once, and you fixed it once, but I may be misremembering. Please let me know if the description still makes no sense.

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