Make the 'Tags' tab in the <project>/downloads page linkable? (BB-5185)

Issue #6112 resolved
Rune Morling created an issue

For my small project, I have no public downloads because I prefer to rely on tags instead.

However, the semi-recent design change means that users are presented with an empty downloads page, where before they would be shown the tagged versions as well on said dowloads page.

Is it possible to link directly to the 'Tags' tab? I tried adding #tag-downloads onto the <uri to my project>/downloads link, but that doesn't appear to work in FF?

If you could make it so that I could use something like <uri to my project>/downloads/tags or just ensure that <uri to my project>/downloads#tag-downloads actually switches to the 'Tags' tab, that would be bloody awesome.

Other than that, the new design is really neat.

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  1. St├ęphane Planquart

    on up.

    Please consider to add this link. I would like to add link from my website. Github do that.

  2. grant horwood

    +1... would love to be able to use the tags download tab as an historical version download page.

  3. Zachary Davis Account Deactivated

    Sorry for the delay, but this finally got deployed last week.

    The url will need to look like /downloads?tab=tags, which is not ideal, but otherwise it should work as expected. (Incidentally it should also be faster since we're no longer loading the data for all three tabs at once)

    Please let us know if you run into any problems.


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