Wiki links with spaces in them have been broken

Issue #6118 resolved
Edd Dawson
created an issue

It appears that a number of links on the wikis I've created have been broken by changes to bitbucket's wiki software. I'm not sure of the exact timeframe as I've only just noticed.

If the target of the link contains one or more space characters in the markup, the page is no longer found when clicking the link.

For example, the following link would have been broken by the change:

[[the stuff|stuff]]

To fix this I'd have to sift through the markup for all my wikis and fix-up any links, or possibly rename the .wiki files themselves. I'd rather not have to do this, as I have approximately 20 wikis.

There are similar issues to this already logged, but they seem to be about inconsistencies in the creation of wiki pages with spaces in their names. I wanted to create this one to highlight that existing wikis have been broken.

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