Automatic link detection fails miserably on urls without http:// prefix

Issue #6126 invalid
Anonymous created an issue

The regexp used in automatic link detection is flawed.

It fails to detect addresses without http:// prefix which are probably not in .com or .org zone, will not be marked as a link, and it thinks that anything before .org and until a space is a link, thus if I have a Markdown tag WHATWG Web Site, the link will point at "Web Site]".

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  1. Jonathan Mooring staff

    I'm not sure I understand why this is flawed. Links that are not prefixed by a protocol can be assumed to be local links. This is especially useful when creating links on repository wikis when you want to link to another wiki page.


    Seems fine to me. Marking as invalid.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey! The problem is that Project Home link on the site would be marked as leading to home](../../ which is not a desired behaviour I guess.

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