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Kevin McGrath
created an issue

Since our organization switched from Github to Bitbucket, one thing I miss is auto detection and rendering of README.rdoc.

If I am already writing 99% of documentation in rdoc and it is a small pain to have to convert things to markdown (or others) just for the README to look nice.

Not a show stopper by any means, just voicing my +1 for this feature

Thanks, Kevin

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  1. Jonathan Mooring

    Thanks for the suggestion, Kevin. Unfortunately, we have no near-term plans to support any other markup syntaxes. We feel that Creole, reStructuredText, and Markdown in particular do a great job of supporting the vast majority of cases and that to add other markups to the mix would just slow development of features focused around them. However, we'll continue to monitor community feedback and adjust our course as needed.


  2. BrianD

    Since rdoc is the rails default, not supporting it is a great reason to switch to github. I don't know a single rails developer that uses Creole or reStructured, however Markdown and rDoc are stables of the Rails world.

  3. Daniel

    +1 since I'm using rails. If I rename README.rdoc to README - I can't generate my documentation for my app anymore, which is priority. I don't even care about having rdoc syntax, I just want my readme to be displayed on the homepage instead of having a huge notification informing me that I don't have a README and should create one. It doesn't need to be rdoc formatted - just display the raw README.rdoc instead of wasting the space.

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