Commit & wiki edit email notifications (BB-3171)

Issue #615 resolved
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It would be nice if following a space will notify you also about commits & wiki edits, just like what happens in your "newsfeed".

Obviously those changes may be added through an option (not everybody would be happy being notified of everything).

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  1. craiv reporter

    Basically nothing, except that getting all notifications to a centralized space (-> email client) will be more comfortable for someone (for me, at least :D). I often check my email with a POP mobile client, and it will be interesting to me receiving every notification via email.

    At the other side you could say me "it's different because issues are communications, and commits / edits are notifications". You would be right, too.

  2. grobmeierstars

    Would love to see this feature too.

    At the ASF we all get commit notifications by e-mail. To be honest, I have my email reader open all the time but rarely have my RSS reader open. Emails can be filtered, which is pretty comfortable for me to read them later.

  3. ProPuke

    Another request for this feature.

    This should be remarked as a proposal (or enhancement?) and set to open or wontfix. Setting it as "invalid" feels wrong (as myself and a few others would genuinely want it). Unless you mean it's an invalid bug as it should be a proposal/enhancement?

    Anyways - bumpity bump bump. Feature very wanted. Thank you very much :]

  4. Vishal Joshi

    Same as Aaron. It is really hampering progress coz after check-ins I need to SMS or email my friends manually to just let them know that they are unblocked or that some feature is now available. We really need this feature.

  5. Damian Nowak

    This feature is really needed for me. I'm not the only one committer to the repo so I want to get notifications about each commit in real time. Assembla has always had this feature.

  6. Miroslav Chomut

    Hello bitbucket developers!

    However low prioriti is this task for you,

    could you plese make injcetion into central point where all wiki commitments are handled, to simply check all followers and email notify them?

    (analogicaly for code commitment)

    yours sincerely, Chomut Miroslav

  7. Zach Loafman

    I also expected this feature. The strange rooting of the wiki as a sub-repository of other repos makes this flow more awkward. After seeing that it was a separate repo, I almost expected to get the full configuration page for the sub-repo, but BB hides it.

  8. Matthieu Aubry

    SUPER BIG BUMP for email notifications on commits (and therefore Wiki edits).

    this is a must have. It will make bitbucket work with less wasted time for developers that have to check for wiki changes manually with git log or IDE. Please include this feature!

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