Enable Bulk Manage of Individual Repo Permissions so they can be Moved to Groups (BB-7387)

Issue #6153 wontfix
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As the title suggests. Add bulk user management capabilities to the issue tracker to assist users in migrating to groups.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Mike,

    I understand why you would want this. However I don't believe this is a problem that the majority of our customers are facing.

    Realistically I don't believe we are going to spend the time to fix this.

    Thanks for understanding,


  2. MikeS reporter

    Hi @Dylan Etkin - If you are correct that many people don't have this need then I understand, however I would be surprised it that is actually true.

    Anyway, hopefully you will at least consider issue #6152 so that we can audit our accounts and make sure that former employees and contractors no longer have access. If nothing else, the ability to view a single report showing who has what access for each of the repos in our account.

  3. Steven Tanti

    We just imported some of our repo's from TFS into Git. (70 of them so far)

    Now we want more than just the site admin group to have access to them... opening each repo > settings > users and groups > selecting the groups > select accesses > apply.

    Not something I'm really looking forward to doing across all of these repo's.... not to mention all the other repo's that we'll add in that belong to various teams. aarrrrggghhhh

  4. Alex Atkinson

    Another example of Atlassian not understanding the market. Every other week I come across some ancient ticket that's in status "Won't Fix" for something that's clearly a basic feature that should exist.

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