Integrated Application Navigator between Bitbucket and OnDemand (BB-6783)

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Paul Greig
created an issue

Can an application navigator be added to Bitbucket, allowing the integration of the OnDemand JIRA and Confluence instances. This would allow quick and easy navigation between the products and provide consistency to the OnDemand platform.

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  1. Anonymous

    This would be very cool to have. The application Navigator on our company bitbucket doesn't mirror the application navigator for Confluence, JIRA and Bamboo. Very annoying!

  2. Marcelo Quintella

    This is a must have, if we want to use the product as an Enterprise.

    Ideally, user management would also be done together (same users in both JIRA and BitBucket). Extra points if the same JIRA integration with Google Apps integration works in BitBucket as well (if a user ever leaves my company, I can just remove him from my Google Apps instance and it would also have access revoked from JIRA and BitBucket)

  3. Steve Duquette

    This must be fixed. I have random members of my team that are able to switch between apps with no problem and a few Bitbucket users that have a hard time moving from Bitbucket back to JIRA. This is not a new feature it is a bug that should be addressed ASAP.

  4. Mike Gruen

    Your milage varies depending on when you started using On-Demand and BitBucket, I think. We started before they had consolidated billing and our App Nav does not flow between the two, our user management is separate, etc. I think if we started from scratch today with JIRA/Confluence and BitBucket, it would be more seamless. And we do use the same usernames between them -- all driven by our email addresses and Google Apps.

  5. Pepijn Dutour Geerling

    Atlassian Support said that it's not possible right now.

    It really looks like a bug. It's weird that we can link from JIRA -> Bitbucket, but not from Bitbucket -> JIRA. Also, the code says that it's an application navigator while it doesn't do anything except showing an ad.

    I'm subscribing to Bitbucket Cloud & JIRA Cloud instead of self-hosting Bitbucket and JIRA because I want a seamless experience, without the hassle of installing servers etc.
    So, I think it's a good idea to label this issue as a major UI bug instead of a minor UI enhancement because it really hinders the seamless experience which we want to get with Bitbucket Cloud.

    Hope Atlassian fixes this asap, thank you!

  6. Kevin Cressy

    We have Cloud Confluence/Jira/Bitbucket. So user find in confusing to see an add for something we already have. Where a user already has accounts for these services I would rather see nothing at all than an add.

  7. Tibor Barna

    Fully agree that this should be a major bug rather than a minor enhancement. We also decided to use BitBucket for the seamless integration and on this front it fundamentally fails to deliver.

  8. DavidS

    Just logged this as a support issue and got the following back

    We're really sorry, but unfortunately, the current navigator is currently disabled/halted to give way to a better integrated navigator in the future. There's no ETA as to how long will it take to implemented the new navigator. You can track this issue here:
    To currently connect Bitbucket with Jira Cloud via the DVCS connector, please follow the guide here:
    Let us know if you need any further assistance.

    So the old working nav has been disabled to make way for a better one which hasn't been developed yet, with no idea of a fix date.....

  9. Gary Sackett staff

    Hi Everyone,
    Great news! We deployed a revamped version of the application navigator to Bitbucket Cloud last night that fixes this issue.

    This new version used the DVCS integration, rather than our internal billing system. In order to get your link configured properly in Bitbucket Cloud, you will need to do the following:

    1. If you have not configured the DVCS connector, you simply need to go through the config setup in JIRA - see

    2. If you originally configured your DVCS integration via our old OAuth flow, then you just need to go through the new flow again in JIRA. You do not need to remove your current configuration before starting this - see

    3. If you originally configured your DVCS integration via our new method - released on 3/16/2016 - you will need to remove your current integration in JIRA, and then go through the integration steps again - see

    If you run in to any issues, please feel free to open a helpdesk ticket at

    Thanks again for all your patience on getting this rolled out!

  10. Tony Rios

    This is really great news! I was able to get JIRA added to the navigation. Is there a way to also get Confluence added? Seems that there is no module for this one.

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