Allow for non-unique email address as team email

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Ty Davis
created an issue

Quote: [I]t is annoying that when creating a Team one has to supply a unique email address. What could be more useful and less annoying is that one could nominate one's User account's email address as the address for the Team.

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  1. Marcus Bertrand staff

    As you can use the + notation for many services, esp. Google, there is a workaround. We don't plan on implementing this now or in the future as this is the only way to reset the team account password and re-gain control as well as to verify who owns the account.

  2. Roundbox Creative

    If you acknowledge and recommend a workaround, then you're acknowledging that it is in fact an issue. This being the only way to reset the password and verify ownership has nothing to do with whether or not a team email must be unique. This would be an extremely easy way to improve UX of your application.

  3. Nathan Stretch

    Workaround also might not work if you're already using the + notation for other things. It seems almost absurd that a team owner can't use the same email address for team and individual.

  4. claresloggett

    Wouldn't using an individual's email address as the team address confuse bitbucket when it comes to commits, anyway?

    I'm looking at which says "You should not specify the email address you use for a team account in your local DVCS configurations. This would cause Bitbucket to label the commits you make locally as coming from the team as a whole.". If that's true then implementing this feature would cause problems as soon as you use the individual account for development.

    I assume that using a tagged email address is ok though; that bitbucket will differentiate the tagged address in commits. If anyone could confirm this that would be great.

  5. Nikola Skoric

    Could you at least allow us to assigning a fake email address as team address? I know that's the worst solution ever, but BitBucket is forcing us to do this since this is the only viable solution for teams in corporations that use Microsoft products (I'd imagine that's 90% of us).

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