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Ben Buchanan
created an issue

Hi there,

We've uncovered an interesting scenario with PRs. We have two conflicting solutions for one problem, both in a PR:

Things that might help:

  • being able to link the two PRs in some way, similar to issue links so there's something prominent calling out the relationship
  • being able to treat the reviewers on both PRs as one group
  • people have done things like email me directly, because there's no way to reject or downvote a PR

Both of these can be done with comments, but I'm finding this just isn't working on the social side. I've asked people to comment, I've emailed, pinged on IM, etc.

Although I've suggested some specifics; really this feedback is "it would be nice if BB had a good way to resolve competing PRs" with a side order of "people seem to want a Reject button as well as an Approve button".

cheers, Ben

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Thanks for the suggestions. I've added this to our backlog. We'll investigate and figure out what we want to do in situations like yours. We'll keep you updated when we've got more to share.

  2. Dylan Etkin

    Hey Ben,

    We don't see a good way to fix what you are having trouble with.

    There is no good way for us to detect that two fixes are for the "same thing".

    If you reject one of the PR's then you can link to the other in the reject message, that is how I would link the two.

    As to the disapprove button, there is a separate issue tracking that.



  3. Ben Buchanan reporter

    Just saw this, didn't get any notifications.

    I don't expect BB to detect the fact the PRs are for the same thing; I'm saying commenting with links isn't a very effective way to resolve the problem. That is, it'd be nice if the user could do something to officially link the two issues (similar to JIRA I guess).

    Watchers on both issues need to know what's happening, the reject message isn't visible on the main view page, etc.

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