List all pull requests for projects on an account

Issue #6183 resolved
Sébastien GAUTRIN created an issue

Currently, we are only able to list pull-requests for a given project. However, in a team repository with many projects, it would often be useful to have a view of all the pull-requests opened against projects within the team repository, instead of having to look through all the projects.

e.g. currently:

  1. go to repository/project1/pull-requests/open:
  2. go to repository/project2/pull-requests/open:

go to repository/pull-requests/open:

  • project1 - PR#1
  • project1 - PR#2
  • project2 - PR#1
  • project2 - PR#3

Comments (10)

  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Thanks for your suggestion. We are aware this is a pain point for users, and we are working to find a suitable solution. I've transferred this issue to our internal tracker, and we will keep you updated when we have more information.


  2. Nicolai Fröhlich

    Are there any updates on this?

    Having a list of open PRs (probably also list of latest commits) for all repositories owned by a team would really come in handy.

    Also for the new 'projects' feature this would be really nice to have.

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