Add broker for Trello (BB-7347)

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Ty Davis
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  1. David Coster

    I like to see this up and running too.

    However I talked with a friend who said why bother linking Trello and BitBucket? To mark off cards when Commit? Seems nice but is the automation worth it? Is that worth it or is a manual process better anyway?

  2. Eugene Vasilchenko

    For those of you interested in this feature. I created a nodejs plugin that does a post-commit post to Trello using their API. This doesn't work as great as a true bitbucket integration because it uses the last commit hash so if you're merging different branches, then you will always have to track down the commit hash specific to the original commit but otherwise it works great. Please leave any feedback or questions in the repo:

    Moved to:

  3. Anonymous

    Any further details on how this is going? I'll use Bitbucket if this would implemented. Otherwise, I'm looking at Github because this is already available.


  4. Justen Stepka


    Given the brittle nature of our broker plugin system we will not be accepting new plugins using the broker system. Our recommendation is that vendors integrate with Bitbucket using the POST service. I know this issue has been open for a while now, however rather than keep the issue open without hope or and update we've opted to give an honest answer.

    Cheers, Justen -- Bitbucket product manager

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