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would be nice if bb provided a template parameter for the CIA service.

we would like clickable urls, branch, info, and maybe some other info in the notification.

the hgcia plugin provides this feature

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  1. Jesper Noehr
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    Hm? I was reading through and didn't find any templating options.

    Also, we do send the URL in the notification to CIA. We use CIA ourselves, and here's our page: - notice how there's links to csets.

    I think the only thing we don't currently include is branch info (since mercurials branches are, well, exotic), but we could start including that, if that's the only thing missing?

  2. Alex reporter

    this is what we have right now, using hgcia:

    < CIA-9> libqxt: alu@wherever default * 1409:b04c6c3873ef /AUTHORS:
    < CIA-9> libqxt:
    < CIA-9> libqxt: this is the first line of commit message

    the templating options are for the extra lines that can be shown in the notification

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