Sync feature branches via rebase (BB-7369)

Issue #6202 open
Timothy Kovalev
created an issue

Allow to choose which method to use when syncing feature branches: merge or rebase.

When using 'git rebase master' command in feature branch instead of 'git merge master', we'll get a linear history in feature branch, which is widely used in development, and considered a better way than lot of merging.

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  1. Florian Schmaus

    It would be great if pull requests would contain an rebase button, that when clicked tries to rebase the changes. The rebase action could provide feedback if it was successful or not, leaving the user with the choice to try a merge, which will also likely fail, or a manual rebase instead.

    Some, maybe even most, pull requests are trivial. If I had the rebase button I could save a lot of merge commits ( ).

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