Create Issue with query parameters (BB-7410)

Issue #6209 wontfix
Stewart Wilson created an issue

Is it possible to pass the Title and Description through the URL. Example:{user}/{repo}/issues/new/?title=xxx&desc=xxx

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    We don't currently allow this. I've added this issue to our internal tracker. We'll prioritize it and post any updates when we have more to share.


  2. Espen Testbruker

    I do not agree that the REST API solves this. I just want to be able to share a link like this:

    To make it easier to avoid input errors when I ask users for proposals for the "admin" component of the upcoming 2.1 milestone.

  3. dreamcat4 NA

    +1 the rest API does not solve this like on other issue trackers. Yeah the purpose is for initially pre-filling a new issue form, not for actually submitting the issue.


    This url seems to work (kindda):

    • However a user will be presented with the login screen if they are not already logged into bitbucket.

    • If the repo owner selects 'allow anonymous issues' in Settings, the user will still be asked to login anyhow.

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