Create Issue with query parameters (BB-7410)

Issue #6209 wontfix
Stewart Wilson
created an issue

Is it possible to pass the Title and Description through the URL. Example:{user}/{repo}/issues/new/?title=xxx&desc=xxx

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  1. Espen Kristiansen

    I do not agree that the REST API solves this. I just want to be able to share a link like this:

    To make it easier to avoid input errors when I ask users for proposals for the "admin" component of the upcoming 2.1 milestone.

  2. dreamcat4 NA

    +1 the rest API does not solve this like on other issue trackers. Yeah the purpose is for initially pre-filling a new issue form, not for actually submitting the issue.


    This url seems to work (kindda):

    • However a user will be presented with the login screen if they are not already logged into bitbucket.

    • If the repo owner selects 'allow anonymous issues' in Settings, the user will still be asked to login anyhow.

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