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Corentin Derbois
created an issue


For the new version of bitbucket UI, i seen a bug in the name of branch. To describ the bug i do a screenshot (because my englsih is worst).

I had created branch name "feature/videopage", with only tow commit. But lot of old commit have a tag "feature/videopage" in the tree commit page.

best regard, Corentin Derbois

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  1. Corentin Derbois reporter

    I had created a new branch. Label feature/videopage is set for all old branch. Master, Develop. So if i had 4 branch feature/* my old commit (like the le first commit of my repos) get the label.

    If it's not a bug, i don't found that very beautiful. Because if i had 200 branch, old commit get 200 label. Like here with the label 1 more .... That make a overflow of label.

  2. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Corentin,

    This behavior is a key feature of Git repositories. If you would like to re-use the same branch name you need to first delete the branch after you have merged it.

    git push origin :<branch-name>

    You can do this automatically by checking the 'Close branch' checkbox after merging. I have attached a screenshot showing where the checkbox lives.

    Cheers, Brian

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