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Issue #6216 wontfix

Hard to figure out how to create a repository

Anonymous created an issue

I just logged in and then spent a few minutes staring at https://bitbucket.org/jamezpolley/ trying to figure out how to make a new repository. I ended up clicking on things at random, and was about to give up and got to github before I eventually found "Create Repository" under the "Repositories" dropdown

Comments (5)

  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    There's a "Create a repository" link right on your dashboard (upper right corner).

    There's also a shortcut key: "c" (create) followed by "r" (repo). The list of shortcuts is brought up by hitting "?".

  2. Anonymous

    Oh - I see. That page isn't my dashboard. To get to my dashboard I have to click "Dashboard".

    I don't consider this resolved - regardless of how many tortous hidden paths there are to create a repo, it's still hard to figure out.

    Since you don't consider this a problem I'll mark it wontfix.

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