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Issue #6230 resolved

Following bug on 'Commits' page

Radu Camerzan
created an issue

I am following a repository, and on every page it looks the same, but on 'Commits' page it's showing me that I'm not following it. If I click to follow, I actually stop following it. It seems to be reproducible only for one repository from the team I'm in : https://bitbucket.org/camlab/mobias/commits/featurebranches .

I have attached the screenshots. The only difference is that I switch tabs.

Comments (3)

  1. Radu Camerzan reporter

    Ok, I've narrowed this one further. It seems I can reproduce it on all repositories, all I have to do is go to 'Commits/Feature branches' and press reload button. Can reproduce it in Chrome and Firefox, so it's browser independent.

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