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Issue #625 resolved

HTML entities not encoded in changeset diff display

Kiran Kiran
created an issue

The HTML diff display when viewing a changeset escapes < and > but not &, so HTML entities in the source files get rendered instead of being shown as source.

Consider this changeset, where &mdash; and &rarr; are being shown rendered in the second file: http://bitbucket.org/jace/zine-main/changeset/e89dbb0456fd/

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous

    This may be related:

    I have a changeset (closed project, so I can't link it here) where "<tr>" becomes

    <tr<TMPL_UNLESS NAME="active"> class="inactive"</TMPL_UNLESS>>

    In the changeset view this is rendered as

    36 <tr&gt; 34 <tr&lt;TMPL_UNLESS NAME="active"> class="inactive"</TMPL_UNLESS>&gt;

    (in case this is rendered incorrectly, see http://movb.de/bitbug.png )

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