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Issue #6250 invalid

E-Mail linking fails

created an issue


 I had an older account with the address of bogdan.perian@e-uvt.ro and this one , with the address bogdan.perian@gmail.com ( made 2 accounts by mistake ). I deleted the bogdan.perian@e-uvt.ro account and tried to link the e-mail address to the bogdan.perian@gmail.com account.

Apparently, I still can't use my @e-uvt.ro e-mail on another account and I can reset my password for the deleted @e-uvt.ro account, but I cannot log in with those credentials.

If this is not a bug, I'd still like you to delete the @e-uvt.ro record, so I can link it to my current account, if that is possible.

Thank you, Bogdan Perian

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz [Atlassian] staff

    This issue sounds like something that support can help you with. Please contact support directly by emailing support@bitbucket.org or create an account at Support's JIRA instance at support.atlassian.com. There, you'll get personal service with this issue.

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