Option to set starting issue # (BB-7418)

Issue #6280 wontfix
Jimmy Selgen Nielsen
created an issue

For those of us considering a merge from a private hosted issue tracker ( Redmine ), it would be great if there was an option in the Issue tracker setup, to set the starting issue number, especially when used along with the "commit closes issue" service.

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  1. David Antliff

    I would find this very useful. We moved an existing project into a new repository and now we have an overlap with our issue numbers - the ability to set the 'next' number would be very useful.

  2. Andrew Wolfe

    Low numbers (under 10, even under 100) cause issue keys to look like one-off branches rather than trackable issues. I'd prefer to start at 500. Has 'set starting issue' been implemented? Also, perhaps we can request leading zeroes in the numeric portion of the issue key?

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