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Kris Noble
created an issue

I am using the issue tracker to help facilitate communication with my client. It works great but as a non-techy type I have had to handhold him quite a bit.

There is probably quite a large subset of Bitbucket users who are "non-coders" - that is, they require access to issue trackers/wikis but don't really care about the code side of things, and don't have any idea what a repository is, etc.

What would be really nice is if those users could be given a streamlined user interface that brings issues/wikis to the fore, and puts the repo itself in the back seat (though probably a good idea to retain access if they want to take a look).

Also, I think the issue tracker documentation would benefit from a simple page explaining how to actually use the tracker - at the moment it's focused on adding milestones/components etc and assumes some prior knowledge of how an issue tracker works. Sure, it's not difficult but a page in the docs would save X number of devs explaining it to Y number of non-coders.

Thinking about it, even just a "Bitbucket for non-technical users" guide would be a great help - it could be a subset of the current docs and just walk people through what the different terms mean, what they will be interested in and what they don't need to worry about.

I know that non-coders are not exactly Bitbucket's target market, but making it easier for them would be very useful to people like myself and I'm sure many others.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Kris,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    We are constantly trying to improve our docs such that they will be helpful for everyone.

    I don't think there are any concrete steps we will take on this and we are happy to be branding our features towards developers right now.



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