Invite users to private repo + Wiki + Issues?

Issue #629 duplicate
Dan Kamins
created an issue

Sorry if I'm missing the obvious here...

I have a private repo with private Issues and private Wiki. How can I invite other users to collaborate on these?

Do they need to create bitbucket accounts first, and then tell me their account names, and then I type that into "Permissions: Writers"?

Are there docs available on this type of collaboration? I'm not seeing any.

Thank you.

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  1. Martin Geisler

    You have to ask people to create an account themselves. After they have done so, you add their user names to the writers/readers lists as appropriate.

    The old #155 is also about this, so I'm marking this as a duplicate of that one. Please go and "follow" #155 if you want.

    Duplicate of #155.

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