View full commit logs in pull request (BB-7422)

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Keith Wansbrough
created an issue

When I make changes I put considerable effort into explaining what I'm doing in the commit logs. When I create a pull request for multiple commits, none of this is visible, either to me or to reviewers. On the commits tab they can see the subjects of each commit, but they need to click on all of them to view the detail.

Please can the full commit logs be visible on the commits tab (possibly with an expand/contract button to make this optional)?

With the current arrangement, my reviewers often don't realise that my explanatory text exists; sometimes I end up writing the description again in the pull request description (which is bad because it isn't tracked in the repo).

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Thanks for the suggestion! Having a feature like this might help promote better commit comments and avoid some duplication when creating pull requests. I've added this to our internal issue tracker to be prioritized. We'll take a look at it and keep you posted when we have more to share.

    Cheers, Michael

  2. Daniel Sinclair

    Unrelated to "pull requests", and with respect to the normal commit log history UI, I've discovered that the commit logs only display the first line of the comment, so I miss most of the comment as well.

    I'm not clear from your description whether this is this the same issue, or something different?

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