Teammates cannot view diffs on pull requests

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Sam Heuck
created an issue

We recently transferred a repository to a team account. I then forked that repository, did some work on my fork and created a pull request. Once the pull request is created, I get redirected to the pull requests page on the original repository and am presented with the error: "Something has gone horribly wrong"

I have read access in both directions, and if I am logged in as the user account under which the team was created, I can view the diff and accept the pull request. I just cannot view the pull request on the original repository if I am logged in with my own account, as a team member.

This only seems to be happening with teams...

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    This issue sounds like something that support can help you with. Please contact support directly by emailing or create an account at Support's JIRA instance at There, you'll get personal service with this issue.

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