Sorting issues by title is broken (BB-7502)

Issue #6313 duplicate
created an issue

Sorting by title produces same result as sorting by create date, because issue number is prefixed. This does not make much sense because:

  • creating custom prefixes (e.g. due date) will not be taken into consideration when sorting
  • as implemented this functionality is duplicate of sorting by create date
  • there is no way to control issue number. When creating issue, title is - well title, not hash + issuenumber + title.

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  1. Brian Nguyen


    That sort is actually by id rather than title. I realise that this can be very confusing, so I believe we can fix this by splitting field into two separate columns.

    In the meantime, you can sort by title by including this query parameter in the url sort=title

    Cheers, Brian

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