Change tab size from 8 to 4 spaces in the Web UI (BB-7457)

Issue #6314 duplicate
Maxim Novikov
created an issue

When developers use tab for indentation, they mainly do that to have the indent size in their IDEs adjustable (to configure it as one prefers). Usually people use 2 or 4 spaces for tabs in the editor. Currently BitBucket converts tabs to 8 spaces to show them in its Web UI. It does not look convenient, especially when you have a couple of nested blocks in your code. It would be much better to have 4 spaces for tabs on the Web, not 8 (too much for indentation).

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  1. Maxim Novikov reporter

    PS I do not think it should be difficult to implement, but it would definitely improve UX I believe for those guys who prefer using tabs in code instead of spaces.

  2. ScottB

    We use 4-character tabs with all of our source code and would like to centralize daily review of changes via bit-bucket repository tracking. Taking time to align your code and then present to the group with mis-alignments doesn't work unfortunately.

  3. Ffind Noldor

    Please make it as in github, that viewer will notice .editorconfig

    root = true
    end_of_line = lf
    insert_final_newline = true
    # Matches multiple files with brace expansion notation
    charset = utf-8
    indent_style = tab
    indent_size = 4
    trim_trailing_whitespace = true
    trim_trailing_whitespace = false
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