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Unlisted Repository (BB-7459)

Shawn McGough
created an issue

Unlisted Repository


Provide the ability to make a repository as unlisted. It would function just like an unlisted youtube video;


An unlisted repository would benefit this site by allowing developers to share their code to a wider, yet known and trusted audience. There exists a space between "This code is so good, I must share it with the word!" and "This code is so private I must only share it with those already invested in it." (and therefore willing to register for an account).

Additionally, frictionless sharing will help drive other developers (the ones that were brought to the site by an unlisted share) to explore and become familiar with the Bitbucket site, and potentially convert them to registered users.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Shawn,

    I believe what you are asking for is a private repository without having user limits enforced.

    I am afraid that this would reek havoc with our billing model and we can not support it.



  2. Shawn McGough reporter

    Hi Dylan,

    Just to be clear, that is not what I was suggesting. What I was suggesting was simply a public repository that was not listed in search results or profile (i.e. not easily discoverable).

    Stealing heavily from YouTube's description, here is how I would describe this feature;

    An unlisted repository is a different type of public repository. Unlisted means that only people who know the link to the repository can view it. An unlisted repository will not appear in any of Bitbucket's public spaces, like your profile, search results, or the homepage.

    It's up to you to maintain the privacy of your repository and the unlisted URL. Even though your repository will not appear anywhere in public, links to the repository could still appear elsewhere on the web if anyone who knows the repository's URL shares it. If you want your repository to be completely private, you should switch it to private.

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