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Yves Demers
created an issue

It would be very handy to be able to render html for the use of making a gen'd HTML doc tree like javadoc and asDoc viewable directly from the repo.

The doc could be linked to a button on the repo menu: Overview Source Commit Doc Etc.


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  1. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Yves,

    For security reasons we do not allow custom html to be rendered from within the path.

    Unfortunately, it would open us up to a wide variety of attacks.

    Cheers, Brian

  2. Yves Demers reporter

    But you are already providing HTML rendering service by creating a repo with the username as describe here:

    I could do that but the problem is the doc would be outside of the repo where it belongs to which would defeat its purose of documenting the associate product from the same location.

    So, if you allow for the creation of a static website why not the creation of a static HTML rendering section of a repo?

    Aren't the security issues the same?


    P.S. We do like Bitbucket and we would like it much more with such a feature :)

  3. Dmitry Krasovskiy

    I'd love to emphasize the importance of this feature as well. I have a very clear business case at my company. We develop web application and would love to use BitBucket for commercial usage. I want my testers to use the web view integrated with a version control but since it's commercial code I cannot just put it on a public website. Even if the html rendering was limited to the private repos I guess that would solve many people's problems leaving the security holes to authenticated users not mentioning that it could be done over http instead of https. I must admit this is going to be a deal breaker choosing other solutions over BitBucker...

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