Support comments in the side-by-side diff view

Issue #6357 open
Martijn Thé
created an issue

It would be great if you could comment from the side-by-side diff viewer.

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  1. David Allen

    This is one of the most valuable enhancements that could be made to code review.

    Ideally, the number of context lines around each change should be configurable dynamically.

  2. Alexander Najafi

    Are there any updates on this feature? When will you enable this? Will it also include the possibility to show the side-by-side view from the overview tab on a PR? Currently, you have to press the side-by-side button.

  3. Matt Ihnen

    Unbelievable, yet another seemingly obvious feature that is still not implemented. Its this type of thing that has us seriously considering other platforms.

  4. Reji Dasan

    Any updates on this feature? GitHub has it. I just switched companies and moved from GitHub to Bitbucket as a consequence. Would really appreciate if we have this feature

  5. Nathaniel DeLeeuw

    This is a major flaw with bitbucket that has resulted in wasted time and extreme frustration for my team. Do to the lack of response and the fact that issues related to this have been open for several years with no action taken from my point of view; my team will be looking into other options. It is a shame because over all we do like bitbucket, confluence and Jira but this is a must feature.

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