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SWF files should be served with Content-Disposition:inline to be loaded by Flash Player

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SWF files published on a website repository like cannot be loaded by Flash Player when they are embeded in an HTML wrapper (i.e using embed tag and swfobject) because they are served with header Content-Disposition:attachment

These repositories are those described by the following link :

Flash Player cannot load SWF when Content-Disposition is attachment :

If possible : Please set Content-Disposition:inline for SWF files (Only for those kind of repositories i.e published website on Bitbucket)

Other people have the same problem but for other file types (PDF) :

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  1. Brian Nguyen


    Thanks for reporting. I have updated the linked issue so that we can monitor this in the one place. Please watched the issue for further updates.

    Cheers, Brian

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