Merging my repository with a remote repository create conflicts in Issues

Issue #6408 wontfix
Hugo Terelle
created an issue


I manage a repository for my project. I created branches/tress to pull/update some other open sources projects. When I merge the different projects with mine, I merge also the comments/commits. I just added a new project (facebook-csharp-sdk) and pushed the project on my bitbucket repository. And this project updated also my own open issues (which was merged with issues from facebook-csharp-sdk). I don't understand why

Greetings, Hugo Terelle

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  1. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Hugo,

    The reason why the issues were reopened is that when you added the facebook-csharp-sdk repository all the commits were added as well. These commits include the issue keys for the facebook-csharp-sdk issue tracker that clashes with the issues in your own repository.

    I suggest that rather than putting all these projects into a single repository, you should split each of these out into separate repositories.

    Cheers, Brian

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