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Issue #6411 duplicate

Feature request - custom buttons for issues filtering (BB-7567)

created an issue

It'd be great to have the ability to create custom filters (screenshot: http://cl.ly/MxMo ) It's like a saved rules for Advanced Search, compiled into a filter button.

Thank you.

Comments (4)

  1. Brian Nguyen


    Thanks for raising this issue. I have added this request to our backlog, and we will monitor if there are more people that would like feature.

    Please bear in mind, however, that we would like to keep our issue tracker as simple as possible. If you would like a more powerful issue tracker, please check out JIRA.

    Cheers, Brian

  2. Alexander Gorbovets

    It's a shame to not have this functionality. And this issue is ignored for 3 YEARS now. It's abolutely essential feature. I can quickly view open issues or my issues. But I can't quickly view my open issues. I have to do advanced filtering to view my open issues. It wastes lots of time

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