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Issue #6423 resolved

Bug with pull request and branches

Alex Soshnikov
created an issue


We're working with this private repository: https://bitbucket.org/promoru/siteindex/

And experiencing strange problems. We've made pull request from our developer's fork, https://bitbucket.org/slavootic/siteindex/, default branch, to promoru/siteindex default branch. Changes that were made in this fork were not presented in diff during pull request, and merge gave no results too.

For example, we have siteindex/extensions/jcrop/ folder now missing in our repo. It is presented in slavootic/siteindex/ default branch here: https://bitbucket.org/slavootic/siteindex/src/039386756d2aa25e2a0db2ea76c2b9c22a5288df/extensions?at=default. And it is not presented in promoru/siteindex/ default branch: https://bitbucket.org/promoru/siteindex/src/57b7a302ba5eba3244491ce6e1b8dfdba3c36544/extensions?at=default

But when I'm trying to create Pull Request it still shows me empty diff: https://bitbucket.org/slavootic/siteindex/pull-request/new - see screenshot.

This problem is really blocking for us. Could you please explain how this happens?

Comments (4)

  1. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Alex,

    I had a look at both of those repositories and the pull request is the wrong way around.

    The slavootic/siteindex repository does not contain the commit 57b7a302, while the promoru/siteindex repository does. The pull request you are trying to make is from slavootic --> promoru, when in fact it sounds like you want to merge promoru --> slavootic.

    Cheers, Brian

  2. Alex Soshnikov reporter

    Of course! We didn't merge back, and these unwanted commits, removing exactly the files modified by fork, messed this up.

    My excuses for taking it as bug, I had to check twice first. Thank you!

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