Schafer for intel_mingw32 causes TypeError

Issue #6435 invalid
Anonymous created an issue

Here is run with .pyx.

python -P intel_mingw32 -m cxgen.pyx -p cxgen32 --bare

And, the errors are:

make: Target `install' not remade because of errors.
* Python built successfully
* Ignifuga engine files are ready.
* Compiling project: cxgen32
* Building cxgen32 for intel_mingw32  (package: cxgen32)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 956, in <module>
    locals()["build_project_"+platform](options, abspath(dirname(options.main)))
  File "", line 762, in build_project_intel_mingw32
    build_project_generic(options, platform, target, pp, env)
  File "", line 609, in build_project_generic
    mod.make(options, env, target, sources, cython_src, cfiles)
  File "/home/Downloads/ignifuga/tools/modules/project/", line 27, in make
    extralibs, options.project)
TypeError: not enough arguments for format string 

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