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Issue #6444 invalid

Splayer 3.7 video plays out of sync with audio

Robert Trede
created an issue


I hope this is the forum for issues with SPlayer International Version. I followed links from their site to get here.

Background Information: Splayer Version: 3.7

Computer: Dell XPX 1330 with Intel Core Duo T5850 chip. Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS graphics card 340 GB hard drive @ 7200 rpm

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate


Issue: When playing movies with SPlayer (or previous versions), the audio and video will get out of sync. The audio seems to go into "slow motion" mode, while the audio remains at normal speed.

I've checked the CPU usage and it seems to be running at only 30-50 percent, so I don't think SPlayer is overtaxing the CPU.

What I've tried: 1. Quit SPlayer and start it again at the previous stopping point: Result: The audio/video will be in sync for a few seconds, then go back out of sync.

  1. Shutdown computer and restart: Result: Same as above... audio/video will go out of sync after just a few seconds.

  2. Tried alternate SVideo settings: a. Alternatively checked and unchecked "Use Windows Areo-Glass (for Vista / 7)". Neither setting makes a difference. b. Alternated between "High picture quality mode" and "High performance mode (low-end computers). Neither setting makes a difference.

So how can I fix this? I apologize if I got the wrong forum. It seems you are connected somehow to SVideo, however. If I contacted the wrong group, I ask that you please give me the name of a person or group I can contact to report this bug.

I love SVideo and it is my favorite media player... But the problem with out-of-sync video/audio tracks is making me crazy.

Best regards and thanks,