Creating an Issue on a team based repo BUT unwatched by team members, still sends them email notification (BB-7639)

Issue #6466 resolved
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I created a team, invited 3 or 4 members, they're in.

I created a Repo and pushed some code.

Everythings fine so far.

I go to the Issue Tracker and create 8 issues for a specific repo, a repo "watched" only by me, and assigned each task and bug specifically to myself.

I was informed by each team member that their email got flooded by tasks created by me, for me, for the repo in question.

Should it make more sense to have Issues notifications sent via email only to that Assignee and perhaps Watching members only? (I would still say Watching members may see the issue in their Feed, not so much in their inbox)


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  1. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Kyle,

    We are aware that issue tracker notifications need work, and we are actively working on fixing this area of our website. I've added this issue to our backlog for posterity.

    Cheers, Brian

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