Igor Pro Syntax Coloring (BB-7641)

Issue #6469 resolved
Richard Gerkin
created an issue

I want to create projects that use the Igor Pro scripting language. I recall somewhere that maybe BitBucket uses pygments for syntax coloring. I wrote a pygments lexer for Igor Pro, and have just submitted a pull request to add it to the pygments project. How can I get Igor Pro added as a language option when I create a new project?

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  1. Brian Nguyen

    Hi Richard,

    You are correct we use pygments as our syntax highlighter. We generally try to keep up-to-date, but it may take some time for that change to filter to us.

    In terms of getting the language added to our list, I have added this request to our backlog and we will look into it soon.

    Cheers, Brian

  2. Richard Gerkin reporter

    Thanks for adding this. Does this mean it will use the pygments lexer once the pygments version that BitBucket uses is updated after my pull request is merged?

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