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SourceTree asks for password but I create Bitbucket account with gmail

Anonymous created an issue

So what password should I enter?

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  1. Ansar Rezaei

    I have same problem and as you said I check my account but I see "Change Password" instead of "Set Password" and it ask me old password that I haven't it. Any suggestion?

  2. Derek Foley

    I am having the same issue. I have created my bitbucket account using my google account. Now Source Tree requires my password to connect with bitbucket. I only have the option to change my password - which requires my old password - so this isn't possible.

  3. Karan Kapoor

    Hi, I was stuck with the same problem and found a stupidly simple solution. Login to your account using google, then If you're using bitbucket then reset you password here or if its an atlassian account like in my case, reset your password here. It won't ask you for the old password. :)

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