Too many pull request notifications being sent out

Issue #6510 resolved
Mike Hatfield
created an issue

Pull requests for our repo at ziadev/alfresco-mobile seem to be generating way too many email notifications since the change a day or so ago.

I have had a couple of complaints from watchers that they are suddenly receiving many more notifications. These are watchers that have no write access to the repo, so shouldn't be matching the "watching and writeable" rule you mention in the recent blog post.

Is this is known issue? I couldn't see any other people mentioning it, so maybe it's some setting on our repo that we need to update?

Many thanks, Mike

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    Can you give me an example of a user that receives pull request emails who is a watcher on ziadev/alfresco-mobile but does not have write access?

    A quick look at the repo's access management page shows me that 6 individuals have explicit admin access (this implies write) and so do all members of group alfresco-mobile

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