Take action on ALL messages in inbox (BB-6937)

Issue #6511 duplicate
Dominick DeStasio
created an issue

I'm guessing this is probably a duplicate issue, but it would be really helpful to be able to take action on all items in my inbox. It's awesome that the recent update stops future spam, but I have 1,500 messages in my inbox from before and I'm not going to go through and delete them 15 at a time.

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    There's the little checkbox left of the "Delete|mark" buttons. Checking that will check all messages and then you can bulk mark-as-read them all at once.

    Edit: that actually doesn't select everything, but just the visible stuff on the page and I'm sure you already figured that out yourself. Consequently, the answer to your question unfortunately is "no".

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