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Issue #6515 resolved

Search on custom domain doesn't work (BB-7711)

Ingvar Stepanyan
created an issue

Searching repositories by name on custom domain gives auto-completition, but URLs are not valid as are relative to bitbucket.org domain.

For example, I have domain code.rreverser.com. When I type "bmp" into search box, I get correct auto-completition list and choose, for example, "oov/php-bmp". I expect it to redirect to repository page (http://bitbucket.org/oov/php-bmp) but instead getting redirected to http://code.rreverser.com/oov/php-bmp and, of course, getting 404 error here.

Comments (6)

  1. Zachary Davis

    This should be fixed now. Unfortunately, due to some limitations that could not easily be overcome, it will always send you to bitbucket.org (even if it's one of your repos and should rename on the custom domain). We felt that this was better than all of the links being broken.

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