The overview page for our repo now lists the person who pushed rather than the person who authored commits (BB-7712)

Issue #6517 wontfix
Sasha Aickin created an issue

Our project's overview page used to list the author of each commit that went into our repo, but now it lists instead the user who pushed the commit. Unfortunately for us, those aren't the same person, and the pusher is kind of useless.

Right now we're checking in to SVN and then using git-svn to sync to bitbucket (as part of our svn --> git migration). The script that pushes to bitbucket runs as one of our users, so all pushes come from the same person, even though they are authored by many different people.

I can understand why you want to be precise about identifying who pushed the commit in the overview feed, but that's not useful info for us. Can we at least have an option to show the author instead, as the overview used to?

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  1. Erik van Zijst

    We switched to the push-style events deliberately and I'm not sure we would be able to fit author information in the current layout.

    Extensive information about each commit can be viewed at the /commits page, while the newsfeed event is really meant to just le you know that someone pushed (something we failed to properly reported prior to this change).

    I'll raise an internal issue for it nonetheless and discuss to see if/how we might be able to change things.

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