Reviewer search fails to find teammate

Issue #6519 resolved
Jason Pringle
created an issue

The new reviewer feature looks neat, but I can't locate one of my team members. I've tried their full name, userid, etc and can't find the correct user.

It's a common name, so I'm guessing the search is being limited on the backend and the correct hit is dropped.

As a result, I can't assign them as a reviewer - which in my mind breaks the feature so I prioritized as major.

Suggestions: - always list exact matches for user names - prioritize teammates for repositories that are private, and/or have team ownership - limit searches for private repositories (I see this option is already a feature request)

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    We do limit the results, but as you type more characters, the result shrinks and so ultimately the user must show up. If it doesn't, please raise a support request (this issue tracker is intended for feature requests) by emailing

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