Overview-Recent Activity: Please display commits in same push with latest first

Issue #6521 resolved
Martin Dahlborg
created an issue

Steps to Reproduce: I just made a push that included two commits. On the page /overview, in section Recent Activity The recent activity is shown with Latest First.

Actual: However, these two commits (that were in the one push) are listed Oldest First under my name in the Recent Activity List.

Expected: Please make also that list Latest First, to avoid confusion.

Compare: Compare with the page /commits/all Where all commits are correctly listed Latest First

Please View side-by-side screen shots, attached.

Specific Pages: https://bitbucket.org/bridgethillyer/physics-toy/overview https://bitbucket.org/bridgethillyer/physics-toy/commits/all

Specifc Commits (in expected order, Latest First): Author Commit MessageLabelsCommentsApprovals Date Martin Dahlborg 2d33b26 Updated: Some file names, Added... yesterday Martin Dahlborg 829ff6e Adding our names to (c) yesterday

Thank you, Martin Dahlborg, Code@MartinDahlborg.com

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