Mark a pull request comment as resolved (BB-7722)

Issue #6535 open
Monica Nguon
created an issue

It would be nice to be able to mark a pull request comment as fixed after updating the pull request, so that the code reviewer would know the problems he raised have been solved.

Currently we reply to each and every comment to indicate that they have been taken into account.

It would be even nicer to be able to list all the "pending" comments when updating the pull request, with checkboxes to mark them as resolved by the update.

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  1. Eli Hamburger

    My team will generally create a task with every comment or reply with the word done. Making a comment "completable" would streamline this process. In essence, when I write the comment, an option would be available that would treat the comment like a task that needs to be completed. I would guess that in most cases, people would want to default to true.

    I believe several competing projects offer similar functionality (GitLab and Upsource).

  2. Marcus Schumann

    Daniel Trommel: I think both requests are definitely worth doing. One problem I can see is that people leave code review comments on a pull request and then some other reviewer views the pull request and misses the comments, approves it and merges it.

    I don't think creating tasks for every comment just to make sure they act on a comment is the proper way to go. There is currently no other way of hindering a pull request from being merged. There is also no way of adding yourself as a reviewer and put a force lock on a pull request that all reviewers must approve before merge is possible.

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